Spring Greens

Flowers are actually blooming and it finally feels like spring here in New England!  Now that the weather is changing I'm craving much lighter food.  If you pick up the latest copy of Edible Rhody and flip to "last Bite" you'll see my Spring Greens piece!

Editor Genie, had some great ideas for quick and easy recipes to make with greens. ( salad, sauté and gratin)  Rather than drawing the recipes themselves, I thought it would be more fun to draw and label many of the greens.

I started researching the greens I wasn't familiar with and realized there is a wide variety of local greens available in  our little state of Rhode Island.  I also discovered I had been eating tatsoi in many salads without knowing what it was called.  Yay research!  Thank you Edible Rhody for the awesome assignment!  It was certainly uplifting to work on something light and green in the dead of winter.

May Calendar

Happy May Day!  The weather has been absolutely beautiful this week and I've loved walking around the neighborhood seeing all of the flowers in full bloom!


Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers, I love the bright colors they come in and their strange shape.  Good luck to all those showing their work this upcoming week at Surtex and the Quilt Market in Portland.  I can't wait to see what all my favorite artists and designers have been up to!  Below is the May Cal.

Click on it to download and save as a fresh wallpaper for May.

April Calendar

A few days late... but here's this month's Calendar!  Inspired by all the beautiful photos I've been seeing of cherry blossoms in Kyoto... Here's one of the best places to view the cherry blossoms, Kiyomizudera.  

Here's an old image of Kiyomizudera from 1909 and not much has changed.  Kiyomizudera is probably the most famous Buddhist temple in Kyoto and has a fantastic view of the city!  Someday I will make it back to Japan just to see the cherry blossoms!

 Growing up in DC I loved seeing the cherry blossoms transform our street every year.  My birthday is in April so it always feels like an extra present!  Here's my dad, me and Ernie enjoying the blossoms.

Click on the small calendar to download it and use it as a wallpaper.

March Calendar

Yay for March!  I'm happy to be that much closer to spring and some warm sunny weather.  I'm so sick of the dreary New England rainy, snowy cold winter.. ughhh.  This month I went with bright patterned hot air balloons!  Is there anything more vibrant or uplifting?

Click on the smaller calendar to download it for free!


Spring is always a good time for changes and rebirth:  The new website is up!   Please follow me there on my new blog!  I'll have a few more of these posts up at Emu Attacks.  I'm also onto the 3rd round of The Printed Bolt's REPEAT competition!  Now there are only 6 of us left.  Thanks again to my supportive family and friends for getting the word out and cheering me on.  It means a lot!

  Signs of spring are emerging all over the neighborhood.  Outside our bedroom window is this beautiful tree.  When it blooms in the spring it makes me feel like we are living in a tree fort.

Every year I forget to photograph it we've been living in this apartment for almost 4 years now...Today I finally remembered to!

After spending a weekend in DC with my family it was nice to get back and see the tree in full bloom.  Providence is not the most international or coolest city but it feels like home.

April Etsy Shop Update!

 I just added some fun new Spring items to my shop!  April 2nd- April 30th all proceeds from my Etsy shop will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Robin and I are crazy, so we've committed to biking 100 miles around Lake Tahoe a second year in a row!!!! We will be riding in memory of Robin's Mom, Mary, who passed away last August.  Here you can read about us riding and fundraising last year....  We were able to raise over $9,000!  
 bikes, cabins and trees in blue
 bikes and succulents in pink, and peach
The weather is getting warmer and this weekend we start our outdoor rides and a lot of fundraising events too!  If you would like to make a donation, please check out our site.   I can't wait to get out on my bike this weekend!

California Sun Turkey Sandwich

Hello bloggy readers!  It's been an exciting month full of contests and hard work redoing my website.  I can't wait for everyone to see it! (hopefully by the end of the week)  I also wanted to share a new recipe I finished over the weekend.

 It's for another awesome contest put on by Salli and Nate over at They Draw and Cook!  They asked artists to use a recipe featuring a tasty Kraft product.  I had a fun time working on this and in particular using a spring palette.  I've also started experimenting with making my own brushes to create textures = super satisfying!  There are a lot of beautiful entries this time around and I can't wait to see who wins the big $$$    Later this week I'll have an update on the REPEAT contest.  I've made it to ROUND TWO!  Thanks friends and family members for making an effort to vote for me in the reader's choice award!  You guys are the best!

Is it Spring yet?

It feels like Spring today, so I've opened all the windows in the studio!  Yay!  I thought I would share this succulent  inspired ditsy pattern I made a few months ago!  I wanted to experiment and see how watercolor drawings would look printed on fabric.  Here's the color sketches in my sketchbook.
 I scanned these and played with the colors, repeat and scale in the computer for awhile.  I couldn't wait to see what it looked like so I ordered a swatch test from Spoonflower.  The texture of the watercolor didn't print as well in spots were it was painted very lightly so I decided to darken some of those spots so they would read a little better.
 I had it printed again and this time I was much happier with the results!
 I made a little pencil case and it's for sale in my Etsy shop today!

I've got some exciting projects on the horizon including the launch of a brand new website!  More about that next time.

Bicycle Race!

We are finally getting some spring weather up here in RI and all I wanna do is is ride my bicycle! Have noticed the large green and purple button on the side of my blog?

I'm currently training to participate in my first 100 mile bike ride around Lake Tahoe as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training. I am completing this event with my amazing boyfriend Robin! Robin is a cancer survivor and his Mom, Mary, is currently undergoing chemo. We are committed to raising $8,500 total!


I am selling these notebooks as part of my fundraising efforts at my Etsy site! If you live in the Providence area come to the RISD Sale this weekend. (10-4 Benefit St. April 30th) I will have these notebooks and many other things for sale.

The LLS is a truly excellent organization. 76.2% of all the funds collected goes directly to local patients and researchers. Patients can use this money to do whatever they see fit with it. This is the kind of organization that actually helps actual patients when they need it. I am very excited to be able to use my artistic abilities towards fundraising for this group! Please consider buying a notebook or making a donation at my fundraising website. Thanks!

Happy Easter/Spring/Passover!

Happy Spring! It's finally starting to feel like spring in Providence. Last weekend, Claire visited me and we decided to dye Easter eggs. We blew them out and then tried this marbleizing technique recommended by Martha. Some of them worked better than others, but overall we had a fun time. After we finished them I decided to put them on my wall in this wonky shadowbox I made.

So what do you think came first? Chicken or the egg? 

This one looks like a disgruntled employee stuck in a mindless job. Hmm...


Awwww.... Yeah I know, it's super dorky that I put the effort into making these eggs, arranging them and then photographing them. But whatever, I had fun.... I know I'm a dork.

Wow how did that horse give birth to that chick? immaculate conception.. or genetic tampering.

Happy Easter and Passover to everyone! I look forward to going home tomorrow and catching up with family and friends. I wish I had some sort of Passover photo to balance this out but I don't. I'm going to make some Matzo ball soup soon so maybe I can take some photos of that. Here's a Matzo ball recipe that looks goood: Matzo ball soup