Happy Easter/Spring/Passover!

Happy Spring! It's finally starting to feel like spring in Providence. Last weekend, Claire visited me and we decided to dye Easter eggs. We blew them out and then tried this marbleizing technique recommended by Martha. Some of them worked better than others, but overall we had a fun time. After we finished them I decided to put them on my wall in this wonky shadowbox I made.

So what do you think came first? Chicken or the egg? 

This one looks like a disgruntled employee stuck in a mindless job. Hmm...


Awwww.... Yeah I know, it's super dorky that I put the effort into making these eggs, arranging them and then photographing them. But whatever, I had fun.... I know I'm a dork.

Wow how did that horse give birth to that chick? immaculate conception.. or genetic tampering.

Happy Easter and Passover to everyone! I look forward to going home tomorrow and catching up with family and friends. I wish I had some sort of Passover photo to balance this out but I don't. I'm going to make some Matzo ball soup soon so maybe I can take some photos of that. Here's a Matzo ball recipe that looks goood: Matzo ball soup