Lilla Roger's Class

I wanted to share some work I've been doing in Lilla Roger's  Make Art That Sells class.  Lilla Roger's is one of the top illustration agents and represents some of my favorite artists, so I jumped at the chance to push my work and get some helpful advice from her!

Each week is focused on a different market and the first week was bolt fabric design.  We started the week off drawing mushrooms and vintage casseroles.  It was both intimidating and inspiring to see the level of talent among the group!  Throughout the course its been really fun to see the variety in medium everyone uses and how differently everyone interprets the same subject matter.  

Here's my final print, inspired by one of my favorite dishes; Springtime Soba with Miso Sauce. 

Since this is a market I'm really interested in I had a lot of fun working on this piece and also getting a fresh perspective from Lilla about what will be popular with quilters and crafters.

Here's my coordinating prints

I tried to use some new colors, ones I typically wouldn't use and really layer the images in  my main pattern so it would feel very dense.  Of course I still ended up with lots of greens and acid yellow...

Week two was Home Decor.  This was a market I hadn't previously thought about selling my work in.  Once I started looking at the examples I got really excited about creating work for plates, sheets, and kitchen goods.

Our assignment this week was to sketch pods, succulents and unusual flowers, which was right up my alley!  Above are some of my inked drawings.  We then used the drawings to create mock up plates!

Here's a Bee plate, its in progress but I wanted to share it anyways!  I'm sort of obsessed with fat bees and honeycomb pattern right now.

Here's my more finished plate, which I submitted for the assignment.  Despite the fact that we are in the middle of moving to our new place, I've been feeling really invigorated by this class and the assignments we are getting.  I'll share my work from week three soon!