"Up in the Air"

Our latest round of patterns for The Printed Bolt's REPEAT contest were due last night.  For this round I wanted to push myself by working a little more abstractly.  My dusk design is loosely inspired by feathers and also decorative henna drawings.   In the summer I'd use henna to tattoo designs on my hands and feet.  During the school year I would doodle similar designs on my hands with pen, which completely horrified most of the adults I knew.

The theme was "Up in the Air" so I tried to create patterns that were evocative of a warm summer night.  "Branch" is inspired by star gazing.  I also wanted to create a pattern with a funky, organic texture.  I struggled a lot on the colors...  I developed about 4 colorways.  Above is the one I ended up liking the best.  Here's some other patterns I was working on, but decided not to submit:


And some bark inspired stripes.

Here's the other colorways I developed:

Aqua, pink, orange and lemon yellow

Olive green, sky blue and peach colorway

Red, Orange, pink colorway

Ultimately I went with the dusk one because I thought the colors were on trend and they best represented a summer vibe.  My fingers are crossed that I'll make it to 5th round!    The new designs are up and voting is open til Sunday, so go vote!