Pie in your Eye

This time last year I was still in Japan. Although I was thankful that my family was able to come visit me, I was also missing my bf, friends and delicious American traditions that I had taken for granted... such as pie!

This year I tried my best to make up for it!

A friend recently told me that they had never tried pumpkin pie, he didn't see the point in finding another dessert he might enjoy but have to eat sparingly. Booo... 1st of all Pumpkin pie is the healthiest of pies! 2nd, it is truly the most American pie, I would argue more so than Apple! 3rd its a crime to live in New England and never had tried one... a crime against Paul Revere, Norman Rockwell, and Tom Brady. (They are quintessential New Englanders)

So yeah.. These are pies my sister made for the holidays and I enjoyed each of them! This post is a little late, as are my Holidays Cards sitting on my desk... le sigh. But this year I will try to do better.