CSA Hurray!-week 1

I generally try to be supportive of local business; coffee shops, book stores, cheese stores and of course local artists! I also eat and enjoy cooking veggies so when a friend asked me to share a CSA I couldn't say no! I've been waiting eagerly since then to pick up my first week of CSA shares. (CSA =Community Supported Agriculture ) basically it means that after making one big payment I will have fresh veggies each week from now until October! Allie and I went to pick up our first weeks share yesterday and I felt the need to draw my half of the vegetables.
Sooooo if all goes according to plan I will be drawing my veggies and fruit each week. I've never seen this purple kohlrabi before but I've read its good in a slaw and the garlic scapes make a fine pesto. I look forward to the challenge of finding tasty things to make with all my veggies. If your interested in getting your own and your in the Providence area I think they still have shares! Check out Ledge Ends Produce! In addition to the regular CSA shares they have other special ones you can add too like fresh corn and they will be at many of the Fabulous Farmer's Markets in the area. Yay veggies!