9.02.10 Show

I have many guilty pleasures... Netflix instant watch has enabled me to relive my middle school/ high school love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! When my friend Liz messaged me about her upcoming show based off of her love of 90210 other teen shows of the 90's I knew I needed to come up with a project. (check out her blog to see some awesome paintings of Shannon Doherty crying that will also be in the show)I am so excited for the opening on Thursday, I wanted to share a sneak peek! Here's close ups of my shadowboxes/shrines to favorite boy crushes from Buffy. Seth Green aka Oz the werewolf. My favorite boy from Buffy! He was in a band, had red hair and often made witty comments.

James Marsters aka Spike, the big bad vampire who starts off on the show as a formidable foe complete with grand schemes and biting comebacks. After a brief stint in an experimental government lab he is unable to hurt living things and starts to fight alongside Buffy. He has some of the best lines on the show!

David Boreanez aka Angel. Buffy's first love interest that happens to be a vampire. Gypsies gave him back his soul, so he's a good guy... Unless he has a moment of true happiness and then he's Angelus (evil Angel) I chose to depict him in LA where is spinoff show takes place.
I set out to make pieces that idolized these men and celebrated teenage obsession. These pieces are sort of mini shrines or valentines to each of the characters with elements of their back stories incorporated. I have to say it was incredibly satisfying to get more of a likeness then I was able to achieve in 1997. If your in the Boston/Providence area come see the show! The Distillery Gallery
516 E 2nd Street, First Floor
South Boston, MA The opening is 6-9 this Thursday and the show will be up until October 27th.