Venice love

Here's me in San Marco Piazza trying to photograph a white pigeon.The pigeons in Venice are all especially fat and content looking; possibly due to all the outdoor cafes.

I'm still thinking about Italy and was so inspired that I feel compelled to post some photos and soon I will start putting up the little collages I've been working on. I decided to make this post about Venice because even though I've heard others say they found it too touristy or crowded it wasn't that way in January. I guess it was a really good time to go but I wish it hadn't been so cold.

Favorite things in Venice: windowsill gardens, faces on buildings, lions statues (in honor of St. Mark), the golden interior of San Marco Basilica, turquoise water, little alleyways, particular shades of yellow and pink and very fat pigeons.
Also the rose colored glass in the lamps next to the pink and white Doge's Palace.
Gouache tribute to Venice featuring bronze horses, the skyline, men selling roses, loads of wine and even a mouth of truth. Mouths of truth were scattered around the city (imagine little mail boxes with faces.) Each box was for a different crime that you could accuse someone of. You had to fill out a form with your name and the person name you were accusing and what they had done. If they were found guilty then they were punished but if they were not guilty you were sentenced to the same punishment for the crime you accused them of.