St. Peter's #8

The Vatican is an amazing place! First of all, there's a large art museum, tons of Swiss guards and a giant stone wall. If that's not enough to keep your attention it's also home to the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo's first attempts at Fresco. I was surprised by how beautiful the Fresco's were in person and I especially appreciated being able to see his progress. Next best thing about the Vatican is St. Peter's Basilica. Here's a place where no expense was spared. Gold, marble and lots of blue ceilings. Just check out these weird manhole covers in the marble floor.
All I could see through the manhole was a weird amber glow.
Our guide told us that every single image in the Basilica is a mosaic. It's hard to believe when looking at some of the images which are actually reproductions of famous paintings done in mosaic.

close up of mosaic

I thought this was breathtaking and sparkly. Later I found out that it was another Bernini sculpture. He seemed to have a monopoly on the city and was favored by lots of rich people. I have another collage based on one of his sculptures. I bought a book about him but unfortunately its in Italian. It has some great photos though...

The altar with the appropriate holy light shining in. It is said that St. Peter's tomb is buried underneath the altar. I think the church dug up his tomb but were unable to prove whether or not the remains they found were his. I'd like to find more information about this if anyone knows more about what was found...

Here's the collage I did inspired by the stained glass window and surrounding golden sculpture. Yay golden angels and beams of light! I just threw this in because when I saw this floor it actually made me miss Rhode Island... I don't usually get sentimental when looking at floors.

Next post will be about my favorite gelato place in Rome..... stay tuned