Italy Collages 3+4

Yay ! More collages! This time I let myself use some of the materials I had been hording, like this decaf coffee label and gold foil I saved from some chocolate. It only seemed right to use them on this image of the overly decadent St. Marco's Basilica. Once again this is just kind of a fast sketch based on a photo I took. I was pretty happy with how these were starting to turn out.

Next I felt a compulsion to make an image of the floor of the Duomo in Florence, which was also very memorable to me. If you walk up to the top of the dome you get to walk along the inside of the dome and look down at the entire church. You also get a pretty close look at the beautiful mural painted on the interior of the dome. Here's some photos of the interior of the Duomo in Florence. I couldnt find a lot of good postcards of the mural so I'm really glad that I took a few photographs of it. It doesn't do it justice!

Here's a shot looking up at the top of the dome. The mural depicts the last judgement and has characters hanging out in both heaven and hell. I couldn't help but be fascinated by all the crazy hell beasts. I really don't know how anyone can paint like this, you must be very close to your work which makes it hard and your up extremely high. simply amazing. I love the people at the very top dangling their feet over the edge.

I dug the characterization of this skeleton and the old woman with numerous breasts... you just can't get any creepier than that!

This guy peeling back his skin is also a nice touch next to these giant muscular demons.

This is probably my favorite part and one of the best close-ups I have.

Here's a super close up of the skeleton!