Italy Collages 1+2

These are the first two collages I did after returning from Italy. I'm kind of a pack rat and I especially like to save bits of paper whenever I'm traveling. I don't know why foreign tickets, brochures, and bags or more interesting but they are. I started out this series trying to incorporate these bits of saved materials into pieces and also convey a narrative. This piece is about Claire getting pooped on by a pigeon after leaving the Colosseum. She had been harassing pigeons the entire trip and it was just really funny when one got her back.

This is the Roman Forum made of bits of paper and paint. This piece evolved from the last one, as I was cutting out little bits of paper to represent the ruins. After this collage I mostly stuck with using my own photos for reference and also not worrying as much about creating a narrative but more about making the pieces "feel" like the place they are representing. At this point I just wanted these to be quick sketches based on photos and I was focused on combining the materials.