Gelato # 7

Who doesn't like gelato?? Honestly, If you find me someone who doesn't like gelato they are probably lacking a heart. In which case you shouldn't be friends with them.... but I digress, while in Rome my family took it upon ourselves to consume a ridiculous amount of gelato. This place was recommended to me by every book I read, every blog I visited and by my good friend Brian. I also read a really favorable New York Time's review of San Crispino.At first I was skeptical that it would live up to my expectations, but it did!!! Even though this specific gelato is well known and near the Trivii fountain it doesn't mean it was easy for me to find. I dragged my family through the streets of Rome and I would not allow them to rest until we found the gelato of my dreams. The whole thing was a magical experience:  The door outside the gelato place is modestly marked with a small sign and the New York Time's review.. Typically the gelato is topped with bits of fruit or candy, depending on the flavor and you can look at the gelato to easily figure out what you want. Not at San Crispino, they keep the gelato covered in metal containers that seem to be refrigerated individually at different temperatures. Being a huge Nutella fan I was always drawn to trying out every version of nocciola. pssttt here's a great homemade Nutella receipe. I haven't tried it yet but I have faith that it will work. Another favorite flavor was banana which mostly tasted like the best parts of banana bread batter. yumm. The other important part to mention is that when they serve it they don't want it exposed to the air for a long period of time so they move very quickly when opening the lids. They also don't serve their gelato in cones as they feel it is unsanitary.
Yum, Yum, Yum! If you find yourself in Rome please visit San Crispino and eat some Nocciola for me!